Bradley Thomas Giordano | New Stars for Chicago’s Michelin Guide

Food aficionado and Windy City native Bradley Thomas Giordano has followed the Michelin Guide for years. Here, Giordano offers praise for Chicago’s newest starred eateries, Parachute and Dusek’s.

The Michelin Guide boasts a small army of anonymous restaurant critics across the globe. The first in its series was published in 1900 by tire moguls Andre and Edouard Michelin in hopes of driving up the demand for cars, and thus tires, explains Bradley Thomas Giordano. It has since become the definitive review guide for discerning diners. It ranks establishments from 1- to 3-stars, depending on culinary and atmospheric appeal. One star denotes a restaurant worth a try. Two signifies a dinner worth a detour. A three star restaurant is one the guide ranks as worth a special trip to experience.

New for 2016, the Michelin Guide includes two Chicago favorites.

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Bradley Thomas Giordano | Visiting St. Louis

Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis was first established by French explorers as a fur trading post, explains Bradley Thomas Giordano. The city soon caught the attention of Native Americans, Spaniards, and European immigrants. Today, the Saint Louis Art Museum boasts an impressive collection of art from these early settlers as well as modern and contemporary pieces.

Tip: Call ahead and schedule an appointment to study one of the museum’s 14,000 prints, photographs, or drawings.

 Forest Park

According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, Forest Park is one of the greatest urban parks in the United States. It offers something for everyone – from Flegal Falls, a 75-foot recently renovated cascading waterfall, to the St. Louis Zoo and The Muny, a massive outdoor music venue.

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Bradley Thomas Giordano on New Orleans

New Orleans is a place like no other, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano. The city, which was once the wealthiest in the nation, offers visitors an eclectic showcase of culture and heritage, much of which is steeped in tradition – and superstition.

Where to stay

New Orleans has its share of accommodations, but few hold charm and history as well as the Maison Dupuy, shares Bradley Thomas Giordano. This French Quarter boutique hotel was formed by adjoining five of the street’s original residences – one of which was home to the first cotton press in the United States. Today, rooms at the hotel continue to reflect the area’s multicultural influence and offer guests ingress to the largest courtyard in the French Quarter.

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Bradley Thomas Giordano Suggests Knoxville as a Great Weekend Getaway

Bradley Thomas Giordano points to Knoxville, Tennessee as a great destination for a quick weekend getaway.


One of the city’s original landmarks, the Oliver Hotel – formally known as St. Oliver – is a Knoxville staple. With only 28 elegantly appointed rooms, Bradley Thomas Giordano says the Oliver Hotel offers a level of class and service unmatched in the city.


Knoxville is full of Southern heritage, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano. Nowhere is this reflected more than in the city’s diverse grouping of restaurants and diners.  Knox Mason is a local favorite that serves traditional regional flavors with modern twists. For a truly unique experience, Giordano suggests The Tomato Head. Shunning all things from a can, The Tomato Head serves up fresh fare, hand-picked and prepared daily.

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Bradley Thomas Giordano Offers Advice on Visiting Music City


The Hermitage Hotel is one of the most well-recognized landmarks in Nashville, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano.  As the only hotel in the state to hold the coveted Forbes Five Star Award, the Hermitage Hotel is widely recognized as having some of the world’s best accommodations.


Nashville-based Rolf and Daughter’s restaurant is a unique and moderately priced dining experience not to be missed.  Transcending trends, R.A.D. features an eclectic blend of dishes and utilizes locally sourced food when possible.  According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, the restaurant’s menu changes and may feature anything from potato gnocchi to pistachio mousse and lemon curd pie.  Those seeking a more decisively southern dining experience will find it at Biscuit Love, a food truck turned brick-and-mortar breakfast staple in the Gulch – one of Nashville’s many “reclaimed” urban areas.

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Bradley Thomas Giordano | Juvenile Jury Trials

As the line between adulthood crimes and youthful indiscretion blurs, there are reasonable arguments on both sides for whether or not juveniles should have a right to jury trials in delinquency proceedings, notes Bradley Thomas Giordano.

The US Constitution provides that all accused adult criminals are afforded the civil right of an expedient trial by jury.  This protection is set forth in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  However, Bradley Thomas Giordano points out that juvenile offenders are not typically afforded the same treatment, and are instead given the equivalent of a bench trial in front of a juvenile court judge.

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A Tiny Town with a Big Reputation | Bradley Thomas Giordano on Positano, Italy

Bradley Thomas Giordano answers questions about a town near and dear to his Italian roots.

Q: Where exactly is Positano, Italy located?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  Positano is a beautiful village on the Amalfi Coast.  It is geographically located on the boot strings of the Italian peninsula.

Q: How did such an out-of-the-way place become so popular with tourists?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  Positano sat for hundreds of years as a remote fishing village until John Steinbeck made it a household name with his 1953 Harper’s Bazaar essay on the unknown paradise.  After that, the adventurous elite of the world started using the area as a secret retreat.  A few decades later, Positano has become a must-see destination for any trip to the Amalfi Coast, complete with upscale waterfront accommodations and dining.

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