A Tiny Town with a Big Reputation | Bradley Thomas Giordano on Positano, Italy

Bradley Thomas Giordano answers questions about a town near and dear to his Italian roots.

Q: Where exactly is Positano, Italy located?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  Positano is a beautiful village on the Amalfi Coast.  It is geographically located on the boot strings of the Italian peninsula.

Q: How did such an out-of-the-way place become so popular with tourists?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  Positano sat for hundreds of years as a remote fishing village until John Steinbeck made it a household name with his 1953 Harper’s Bazaar essay on the unknown paradise.  After that, the adventurous elite of the world started using the area as a secret retreat.  A few decades later, Positano has become a must-see destination for any trip to the Amalfi Coast, complete with upscale waterfront accommodations and dining.

Q: Are there many commercial attractions there?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:   There are no chain-type attractions in the area that are worthy of note, which is part of the town’s charm.  The main draw to the coast is the beaches.  They are unlike any other.  This is especially true of Positano, which is seated in a natural amphitheater with the ocean as its stage.  The waters are a deep blue, and swimming and fishing are some of the best in the world, as any angler will attest.

Q: What kinds of local cuisine can a visitor to the area expect?

Bradley Thomas GiordanoItaly is known for its food and drink selection, and Positano offers a fine menu of both.  The La Sirenuse, an upscale resort, features perhaps the best fine dining in the area at its on-site restaurant, La Sponda.  Those with seeking to pay a little less (or those who lack a desire to dress their best) will enjoy the less formal fares available at Palazzo Murat and Da Vincenzo.  Both serve fresh, homemade items prepared with locally sourced foods.  Palazzo Murat is famous for its private gardens which are utilized for the restaurant’s seasonal dishes.  Additionally, simple and fresh seafood is always available.