Bradley Thomas Giordano on New Orleans

New Orleans is a place like no other, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano. The city, which was once the wealthiest in the nation, offers visitors an eclectic showcase of culture and heritage, much of which is steeped in tradition – and superstition.

Where to stay

New Orleans has its share of accommodations, but few hold charm and history as well as the Maison Dupuy, shares Bradley Thomas Giordano. This French Quarter boutique hotel was formed by adjoining five of the street’s original residences – one of which was home to the first cotton press in the United States. Today, rooms at the hotel continue to reflect the area’s multicultural influence and offer guests ingress to the largest courtyard in the French Quarter.

Where to eat

Bradley Thomas Giordano, like most travelers who’ve visited The Big Easy, finds it difficult to resist one of the city’s most beloved staples, the beignet. He says the best are found at Café Du Monde – a coffee shop that has served the area for over 150 years. The beignet may be an Acadian delight, but no trip to New Orleans is complete without a taste of the city’s creole fare. For that, Bradley Thomas Giordano suggests Luke. This popular restaurant is led by native chef John Besh, author of the award-winning cookbook My Family Table.

What to see

There are no sights quite as famous in New Orleans as her cemeteries. Lafayette is perhaps the most well-known, having been the backdrop for 1994’s Interview with the Vampire and numerous other films over the last half century. However, it’s the burial ground’s reportedly restless undead residents that draw the crowds. Bradley Thomas Giordano notes that Lafayette is consistently named one of the most haunted graveyards in New Orleans. Ghost, graves, and ghastly tales aside, Lafayette is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its architecture and historical significance.

These sights and more are accessible via the city’s streetcar program, which is, in the opinion of Bradley Thomas Giordano, the best way to see the city.