Bradley Thomas Giordano | Visiting St. Louis

Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis was first established by French explorers as a fur trading post, explains Bradley Thomas Giordano. The city soon caught the attention of Native Americans, Spaniards, and European immigrants. Today, the Saint Louis Art Museum boasts an impressive collection of art from these early settlers as well as modern and contemporary pieces.

Tip: Call ahead and schedule an appointment to study one of the museum’s 14,000 prints, photographs, or drawings.

 Forest Park

According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, Forest Park is one of the greatest urban parks in the United States. It offers something for everyone – from Flegal Falls, a 75-foot recently renovated cascading waterfall, to the St. Louis Zoo and The Muny, a massive outdoor music venue.

Tip: The state-of-the-art Variety Wonderland Playground next to the visitor center caters to ALL children and allows for inclusion of play for those with disabilities.

 The Libertine

Touted as a neighborhood eatery, Bradley Thomas Giordano says that The Libertine is the place to experience serious eats from a not-so-serious crowd (the menu even says the chefs are busy playing with food). The Libertine’s offerings are moderately priced and eclectic enough to satisfy even the most picky eaters.

Tip: Try the Libertine Bonbons, a chocolate, caramel, and praline pistachio delight from the culinary genius of Executive Chef Matt Bessler.


For comfortable and luxurious accommodations, visit the Ritz-Carlton in Carondelet Plaza. Bradley Thomas Giordano describes this as the perfect place to unwind after a busy day. The hotel itself is a destination with its majestic sculptures, sumptuous décor, and stunning skyline views.

Tip: Check out the hotel’s Barrels, Bourbon & The Bees Knees for Prohibition-inspired cocktails like the cognac-based Sidecar.

 No visit to St. Louis would be complete with drinks at Café Napoli or Memphis-style barbeque from Pappy’s Smokehouse. For more on this exciting city, Bradley Thomas Giordano suggests visiting