Mandatory Disclosure of Errors

Bradley Thomas Giordano offers insight on how mandatory disclosure of physician errors could affect the current medical malpractice system.

Q: Is the medical malpractice landscape ideal for practicing physicians and injured parties?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  No. In my opinion, the current medical malpractice landscape is far from ideal, at least from a physician’s perspective.  Medical malpractice claims are unpredictable both in terms of their incidence and their success.  Such unpredictability undercuts the tort system goals of compensating parties who were injured as a result of negligence and deterring negligent behavior, and by extension it also impacts health care quality as an outcome of effective deterrence.  Doctors, unable to predict their malpractice liability, face increasing malpractice insurance premiums and pressure to engage in defensive medicine.

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Visiting Charlottesville | Bradley Thomas Giordano

Charlottesville, Virginia is a great escape destination for a long weekend. The city boasts a mix of historical landmarks and attractions with beautiful scenery as well as good local restaurants and wineries.  Here, Bradley Thomas Giordano offers tips for visiting this historical city.

Stay:  The Clifton Inn is located a short distance from downtown Charlottesville and sits on multiple acres of farmland.  The restaurant located on-site, and Bradley Thomas Giordano says it is one of the best dining experiences in Charlottesville.  Additionally, each stay is highly individualized as the Clifton Inn’s accommodations consist of 17 unique rooms and suites in various buildings located on the grounds. (

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Volunteers Set to Execute on Talent | Bradley Thomas Giordano

Tennessee’s most beloved team is back on the “Rocky” Top of their game. Here, fan Bradley Thomas Giordano offers insight on why he believes the team is on the rise.

Q: How do you think the coming year’s schedule will affect the team positively?

Bradley Thomas Giordano:  While the overall schedule is still extremely difficult, the Vols will hopefully benefit by not having to play a top tier non-conference opponent on the road.  Instead, Oklahoma will have to visit Neyland Stadium which should be packed with a rejuvenated fan base.  If the Vols can get an early win, they may gain some confidence and momentum for the always tough conference schedule.

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Buy and Hold | Bradley Thomas Giordano

One of the biggest mistakes people make when investing is simply making things too complicated, says Bradley Thomas Giordano.

According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, there is no singular, correct way to leverage one’s assets. But, Bradley Thomas Giordano believes that keeping fees low and adopting a long-term buy and hold strategy with passively managed index funds typically works well for most investors.

Pick a low-cost, long-term mutual fund

According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, low cost, passively managed index mutual funds yield returns that are often superior to active trading strategies or actively managed investment vehicles over the long-term.  This is particularly true after adjusting for the heavy fees active managers will often charge clients for their services.  Passively managed index funds simply track an index, such as the S&P 500, or select group of stocks, such as the U.S. energy sector, with the goal of mirroring the returns achieved in the model stock group.  Such index funds are relatively easy to understand, and do not require the attention of active managers seeking to achieve returns above and beyond those achieved in the larger stock market.  As such, Bradley Thomas Giordano explains, investors do not have to pay the same high annual fees to invest in passive index funds, which can lead to thousands of dollars of additional savings.

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